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nut and bolt pipeThe Nut and Bolt Pipe

Take Smoking To A Whole New Level

Nuts and bolts by far provide their purposes - they inevitably fix and hold things together. But what if they served a completely new function? What if they took a role in our everyday life and made it more enjoyable? This is exactly where the nut and bolt pipe fits in perfectly. Here at NutandBoltPipe.com, we are extremely excited to offer you with the very best Nut and Bolt Pipes at the very best affordable price. As a highly regarded seller of bolt pipes you truly are getting the best package. But what makes Nut and Bolt Pipes so exclusive and unique?

nut and bolt pipeNut and Bolt Pipes Are Lightweight!

Why bother using a pipe that to smoke, that will weigh down your pocket? Well, there is no reason anymore! ! Nobody likes a broken pocket, Imagine your expensive cell phone or even your nut and bolt pipe falling on the ground as a result of a damaged pocket - well we definitely don't want that to happen! The Nut and Bolt Pipes we offer are undoubtedly the greatest thanks to their simplistic use and their portable weight. Get your own Nut and Bolt Pipe today!

bolt pipeNut and Bolt Pipes Can Be Used Absolutely Discretely!

Planning to smoke with discretion so not a soul knows you're smoking? Maybe you simply wanted to quit but just can't stop the desire. Nut and Bolt Pipes are certainly the very best solution whenever it comes to smoking safely and discretely. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

nut pipeIs It A Bolt Or A Nut? No It's A Nut and Bolt Pipe !

Nut and Bolt Pipes are unique thanks to the fact that they look like bolts and nuts but truly they are nut and bolt pipes! Nut and Bolt Pipes make it possible for one to enjoy smoking on the move regardless of where one currently is!. They are simple to put together and dismantle, showing that our Nut and Bolt Pipes genuinely are very user-friendly.

Enjoy your Habit!

Take pleasure in the best tobacco with a Nut and bolt pipe. One may say they improve tobacco smoking generally, while other people simply like to smoke discretely. Regardless of how you prefer to use your nut and bolt pipe, you absolutely are purchasing the best pipe on the market! !

nut and bolt pipe sizeSize

As discussed previously, the Nut and Bolt Pipe is incredibly small and light weight. The true sizes of our nut and bolt pipes are 7.7 cm x 2.1 cm perfectly fitting into your pocket!

"Simply The Greatest Pipe I've Ever Had "

Nut and Bolt Pipes Are Ideal As ... Gifts and Accessories and of course, for Resale!

nut and bolt pipeThe best ways to assemble Your Bolt Pipe:

It's often a torment when you buy something that's difficult to piece together. There's no need to worry as one of the greatest attributes of this Nut and Bolt Pipe is the point that they are effortless to put together and use. For you to use, you must first of all loosen the end of the bolt and separate the mouth piece from the bottom. Once completed, shift the nut up the exterior threading and attach the pipe bowl which is included. Then, just tighten the mouthpiece into the end and There you go!, you're done - it's as straight forward as that!

One For Only $ 15.95

Or 2 For An Unequalled Price Of  $ 29.95

Please note, the Nut and Bolt pipes prices undergo a small shipping fee.

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Zippo Lighter Pipe - this one looks like aluminium Zippo Lighter with chrome finish. It also goes for $6.95 Plus Shipping. This discreet pipe looks a normal lighter, but it is a pipe that has a bowl, mouthpiece and a stash area to put your herb.

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Purchasing Your Nut and Bolt Pipe Is Easy

We make ordering the must-have Nut and Bolt Pipes effortless here at Mint Distribution. To order, just fill out the order form using your credit card. Your order will then be transmitted to us throughout our protected network. Have any questions regarding your order or even the product itself? Feel free to contact our 24 Hour Friendly Customer Service toll free at (800) 277-5204 or without delay via 1.213.985.2399, or just email us at orders@shoptegrity.com.

Feel free to order directly and discretely via our Direct Sales Hotline - 1.213.985.2399!

We will safely package your item, and offer additional discrete payment and local Pick Up options (Los Angeles Area) for you. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy our product!

DISCRETE BILLING - We do not disclose any private information and package our items discretely and safely for your privacy.

We aspire to providing you with products safely and in a quick manner, and guaranteeing that all products you receive are not harmful for your health or basic safety. We provide the legitimate deal, no imitations or non-brand low quality models.

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